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No more "now where do I have my USB drive?"

posted Nov 28, 2019, 1:44 PM by Stefan Palan   [ updated Nov 28, 2019, 2:00 PM ]
When giving presentations at conferences or in research seminars, there is always the question of how to get the presentation onto the presenter computer. This involved me having to remember to put the presentation on my USB drive, in the latest version, rembering to bring the USB drive, searching for my USB drive in the seminar room, getting the computer to recognize my USB drive, and finally getting my presentation onto the computer. I have now found a much more convenient option:
  1. Create a folder for your presentations in your Dropbox, Onedrive, or whatever cloud space you favor1
  2. Create a share link to the folder
  3. Use an URL shortener (like,,, ...) to shorten the unwieldy link to something more manageable, like
Once you have prepared the infrastructure this way, simply save the presentation to the local presentation folder (and wait long enough for your cloud space client to upload it). When at the presenter computer, just head to your version of and fetch your presentation from there.

Now just remember to bring your good ol' USB drive in case the presenter computer does not have2 internet ...

1 If you do not have one yet, just choose one of the many free options out there. The limited amount of cloud space you get this way is easily enough for your presentations of the next few centuries. Choose a provider that allows password-protecting sharing links, if you need that.
2 Yes, I relalize computers do not "have" internet, but are connected to the internet. Still, I get the impression the phrase is catching on. Let me know when it has made it into the Oxford Dictionary, so I can delete this footnote.