This site is dedicated to my work-life. Nonetheless, it might be of interest to some what I fill my spare time with.

First of all come my wife Nicole, son Alexander, daughter Isabella, family and friends.

Second must probably be the voluntary firebrigade of Gratwein, where I have been a member since 1992. After having been responsible for radio communications, IT systems and youth training, among other things I held the position of commanding officer in my home fire company and was responsible for the IT of the 12 fire companies in our district. The photo to the right was taken after I returned from commanding the emergency response to a fire in the basement of a private house in January 2006.

Other hobbies include the Circle of Excellence, which I have long been a board member of, Books4Life Graz, which I co-founded, and reading.

I live carbon-neutrally. To offset your own carbon emissions, go to