z-Tree resources

z-Tree online course

My z-Tree online course is accessible from the course page.

In addition to the online course, I have one video, explaining the concepts of tables and scope in z-Tree.


z-Tools is an add-in for Microsoft Excel™, designed to facilitate work with z-Tree, the Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments. Feedback - including, but not limited to, suggestions for new functionality - is appreciated and should be directed to uni@palan.biz. Also, if you want me to notify you when a new version becomes available, let me know by mail!

Download the latest version from: http://bit.ly/z-tools


The Graz-Innsbruck Market System (GIMS) is a z-Tree treatment for running asset market experiments. It has tons of features and options and has been used in a number of published papers. Please check the dedicated GIMS page for details.

Other z-Tree resources

I have prepared a number of batch files which allow me to quickly open and close z-leafs, to close z-Tree when its process is still running even after the program has been closed, or to delete the temporary files generated while testing in z-Tree. I have also prepared an Excel sheet for calculating color codes for use in z-Tree. Furthermore, I have a tutorial for reading z-Tree output data into R for analysis.

Download all files from: https://bit.ly/z-tree_resources